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Holistic Healing

Our method to wellness is individually crafted for each girl and her needs. We take a “body, mind, and spirit” approach, and as such we have various areas of focus and practice. These things include therapy, wellness, self-worth building, service, and developing or increasing faith in God and the Heavens.


In all areas of life, we help our girls develop meaningful connections. Connection to loved ones, friends, God, pets, the earth, the heavens, and their inner knowing.


We arrange service experiences and opportunities for our girls to increase their awareness of a world outside themselves. We encourage theraputic pets as well. 


We will hold a variety of classes each week to increase the girls' self-worth. Yoga for healing, meditation, self defense and more.


Opportunities for self-expression and validation will abound at Safe Haven. Play therapy, EMDR therapy, energy clearing sessions, art and music therapy all give the girls a voice.


We help the girls remove the blocks brought on by the trauma that keep them from having the healing hope and faith in God and the Heavens.

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