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Parental Education Program

We understand that parents are experiencing their own traumas and heartaches in regards to what has happened to their child. To help our girls to have the best chance for long-lasting healing, you need support, too.

Part of the requirements to participate in our program is that our parents will attend educational workshops. We are your additional support system and will do all we can to help you heal and prepare you for this journey of helping your daughter overcome her pain, fear, and sorrow.


Here are some things we think you need to consider after you discover that your child has been sexually abused or traumatized.

  • Showing your daughter you

       believe her and offer her compassion

  • Deciding with your daughter if you need to report a crime or seek legal advice

  • Making sure she feels safe now

  • Being selective on who to share your daughter's experience with

  • Seeking a therapist and support groups

  • Trying energetic and alternative therapies

  • Educating yourself on how to respond and parent her now

  • Learning about triggers and healthy coping tools

  • Talking about healthy sexuality with your daughter

  • Addressing rifts in relationship to church/God

  • Taking care of yourself and your own healing

Parent & Community Leaders Educational Events

Speaker Requests

If you want to bring one of our qualified staff members to your community or church for a presentation on childhood sexual abuse aftercare, awareness and prevention, we are happy to do so. Please email us for inquiries. 

(Coming Soon)

We are currently creating a curriculum and event program for parents whose daughters are not enrolled in our program and for church and community leaders. 


These events will cover the topics of sexual abuse aftercare and prevention, pornography addiction recovery among children and teens, and holistic healing and recovery methods. Our presenters are engaging, powerful, compassionate, and filled with heaps of expert knowledge and counsel. Our events will be life-changing and even life-saving experiences for all who attend.

Suggested Resources 
For a more comprehensive list of resources, please get our guide "Your Holistic Guide for Helping Your Child Heal from Sexual Abuse and Trauma."
For Pornography Concerns
Daughter's of Light
DGM Community
Mother's Who Know
Protect Young Minds
For Child Abuse and Prevention Support
Defend Innocence
Stop It Now
Surviving Abuse
For Energetic/Alternative Therapies
Discover Healing
Hope Haven Events

Donate now and receive our guide to support you on your healing journey with your daughter. Visit our Giving page.

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Suggested Resources 
For a more comprehensive list of books, please get our guide "Your Holistic Guide for Helping Your Child Heal from Sexual Abuse and Trauma."
Good Pictures Bad Pictures - Kristen A. Jensen                                 30 Days of Sex Talks - Educate Empower Kids
Petra's Power to See - Educate Empower Kids                                  Dirty Girls Come Clean - Crystal Renaud
The Child Whisperer - Carol Tuttle                                                       My Story - Elizabeth Smart
The Emotion Code - Dr. Bradley Nelson                                              The Body Keeps the Score - Bessel A van der Kulk
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