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Safe Haven Holistic Recovery is a recovery program for young girls who have been sexually traumatized or abused. It is our hope that the children we serve will be freed from the wounds of sexual trauma and become thriving, healthy, happy adults who are powerful contributors in their spheres of influence.​


We commit our lives to the service of the girls in our care and to educating all we come into contact with on the best methods for healing and prevention from sexual traumas and abuse. We work tirelessly, for a future day where all children are safe from sexual abuse and trauma. 


  • We value lasting healing and recovery from traumas, abuse, and addictions that would otherwise weigh down young girls with grief, confusion, and ill health.

  • We want all women and children to know their value to God and will do our part to help strengthen the faith among the girls we serve. As a staff, we do our best to live by the pattern set by Jesus Christ by being honest, open, loving, non-judgmental, forgiving, and healthy.

  • We value the sanctity of an individual’s right to be safe and free from abuse, and we value protecting the innocence and purity of all children everywhere.

  • We value holistic healing and address these issues with a "body, mind, spirit" approach. We incorporate many natural techniques into the recovery program for our girls.

  • We value teaching the rising generation about God’s commandments on chastity and virtue, but do so in a way that will also offer information on healthy and unhealthy sexual desires, unsafe behavoirs, abuse prevention, and consent. 

  • We value creating high self-worth and self-love in our girls and will teach that they have just as much potential for power and influence for good in this world as anyone. We know the value of being of service to others in this life and will instill that value in the girls we serve.

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