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I still recall one of the first spiritual epiphanies I had as a young woman. I was walking outside, pondering on some of my own deep wounds, feeling a bit melancholy. I happened upon a butterfly and suddenly the realization that a fat, grubby caterpillar could turn into a beautiful butterfly was deeply impactful. It took on a lovely metaphor for what our lives can be like on earth and what our Heavenly Father has intended for us now and in the eternities. We, like the caterpillar who tends to spend her days frantically consumed with eating and preparing for her cocooned slumber, get caught up in thinking the day-to-day struggles are all we have, until we die.


I think God would have us slow down our lives, because the way we live in this frantic, fast-paced world, drowns out His tender, still voice. He would have us take more time to love and enjoy the beauty of the world, to spread our wings and float peacefully on the air, bringing our light and happiness to others on our path.


I have chosen the butterfly as our program’s symbol. Feminine and beautiful, she has come through a challenging period of life, and she had to learn to “metamorphisize” to finally enjoy her talents, uniqueness, value and heritage as one of the most charming creatures God created.


Our girls at Safe Haven have all, at such young ages, already experienced great sorrows and struggles. Our role as healers, teachers, and mentors will be to gently guide them into the metamorphosis process – to take those experiences and use them to launch their flight, to know that their emotional scars can be carefully erased through the Atonement and our Godly beauty and purpose is all that remains. They can have a peaceful life and fly steadily along the path that will bring eternal joy.

Written By Jessica Mockett

Executive Director/Founder


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