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Who do we serve?
  • Girls ages 5-17 who have been sexually traumatized 

    • Ongoing sexual abuse​

    • Rape

    • Sexual assault

    • Sexual trafficking

    • Traumatizing exposure to hard core content 

    • Participation in soft or hard core content (including self-created content)

    • Addiction to pornography or masturbation 

    • Sexual bullying by peers (dissemination of sexual "selfies" or other body shamming traumas)

    • Witness to others' sexual traumas (like fathers hurting mothers or siblings)

    • Or any sexually traumatic experience

  • We welcome girls with behavioral concerns like OCD, ADHD, cutting, eating disorders, addictions, etc. But if there are more urgent concerns for your daughter's well-being that need to be addressed (i.e. severe eating disorders, drug addictions, high risk for suicide, etc.), we will refer you to other qualified organizations for treatment with them first.

  • Girls that do not have any known violent or abusive tendencies.

  • We accept girls of all faiths who are comfortable with our program's offerings.

  • Those who are excited about the idea of having a very different, powerful, holistic recovery experience.

  • We also serve parents, families, and communities wanting to learn healthy supportive tools and behaviors.

Our program size

We are currently able to serve girls on a case by case basis. Email us to find out more details of services we currently offer

Once our outpatient facility is operating

  • We will serve 12-24 girls during a session. 

  • We use a 12-week session cycle, but hope our girls will remain with us for 12-24 months  for the best results of healing.

  • 10+ employees including – program manager, clinical director, various part-time instructors, therapists, and young adult interns.

  • Ongoing participation in educational classes or events for parents, churches, and communities.

Program costs

​If parents wanted to achieve the same type of healing and recovery experiences for their daughter that we offer at Safe Haven, we estimate that they will need to spend approximately $2000 - $4000/month.

As a non-profit, we desire to help any girl who needs us. We do not wish to increase family stress by taxing the family's financial resources or asking them to go into debt.

We are heavily subsidized by generous donors and grants. But we require that all parents make a financial investment into the recovery process of their daughter. Tuition rates are calculated based of the family's financial abilities. (At this time, we do not accept insurance.)

Our rates vary on a sliding scale based on the family's income and financial abilities, anywhere from $200 - $2000/month. A 3 month minimum commitment is required. This is an investment into your daughter's current and future emotional, physical, and spiritual health. We want all of our girls and their parents to be fully committed to the program to achieve the best results possible.

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