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What is Safe Haven Holistic Recovery?

Safe Haven Holistic Recovery encompasses a new layered approach to healing from sexual traumas and abuse. Our holistic approach includes many facets of healing. While we believe there is value in working with a professional counselor, we find that other, well-rounded aspects of recovery are just as or more valuable. Along with traditional forms of therapy, at Safe Haven we also work with mentors, nurture and care for at-risk animals, spend time gardening, engage in service for others, encourage a holistic lifestyle, educate on the power of clearing negative energies, promote focusing on positive thoughts, engender self-expression through the arts, support the whole family unit, and have healthy fun all as additional vehicles to find lasting healing. Most importantly, we believe in the merit and efficacy of renewing and healing one's relationship with God and the heavens.


Safe Haven Holistic Recovery programs begin with an outpatient program in the Salt Lake City area serving girls ages 5-17. As we succeed, we intend to grow our services in significant ways. Over the next 5 years, we plan to increase our efforts by building our outpatient facility for girls, opening an amazing residential recovery home and school located on a farm for girls ages 8-15 who need 24/7 care, creating an outpatient program for sexually abused and traumatized boys ages 5-17, and finally 


A portion of our program and teachings are influenced by the LDS faith. Therefore, preference will be given to LDS girls seeking help from our program. Girls from families of other faiths should apply if they are comfortable with some perspectives of the program being influenced by the LDS faith.

What is our hope with this program?

With our early intervention for young girls who’ve been sexually traumatized and abused, we hope to change the outcome of their futures dramatically.

  • With clear validation that what happened to them was wrong and in no way their fault.

  • By helping them reconcile their traumas/abuse with their faith and religious culture so they are less likely to associate their pain with God or the church.

  • By giving them tools to carry with them for life to cope with ongoing heartache in healthy ways.

  • By educating their parents and communities on how to be supportive throughout their life.


We intend to help them bypass the spiraling, painful, long-lasting confusion that often leads to serious mental, spiritual, and physical health issues as they mature.

Is there really a need?

Statisically speaking, it is understood that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before the age of 18 years. With the ease of access to hard core pornography many more additional children are being traumatized, hurt, and confused.

The ACEs study confirms that childhood traumas and abuse contribute directly to risky health behaviors, chronic health conditions, low life potential, and early death. Additional information on this study can be found on the CDC website

In the Spring of 2016, Safe Haven Holisitic Recovery conducted a survey via Survey Monkey and shared on social media. Nearly 900 women participated in the survey. Here are a few of those findings:

  • 25% of women who grew up LDS and were sexually traumatized/abused as children have left the LDS faith, compared to 9% of the women who grew up LDS and did not experience childhood sexual abuse/traumas who have left the faith.

  • The most common people to perpetrate were other children/teens.

  • 66% of the parents were unaware of the sexual abuse/traumas.

  • Of the 34% of parents aware – the most common reaction was to “pretend nothing happened” (38%).

  • More than 51% of those abused/traumatized felt that their LDS faith increased their feelings of shame and secrecy. 31% feel their faith ultimately "saved" them from the pain.

  • Almost 46% of LDS women surveyed know at least 1-3 women sexually abused in childhood. With 20% knowing more than 5.

We are not directly affiliated with, nor officially endorsed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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